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Laser Dentistry at Yuba City Kids Dentist!

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No shots needed

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No tears here

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Faster healing

We are proud to offer the Solea Dental Laser here at Yuba City Kids Dentist!


With it, we can do a variety of procedures without numbing (because who likes shots anyway?!). The Solea laser is the most advanced laser in the dental field today. It uses a special type of laser CO2 technology that scrambles pain pathways within teeth tissue to provide numbing from the inside, thus negating the need for local anesthesia aka the shot!  As the laser light energy is absorbed into tissue it causes a "cold" or "tingly" sensation.  With the Solea laser, we can remove decay, place fillings, sculpt overgrown gum tissue, and many other procedures anesthesia-free. It is the future of dentistry!

Tissue removal with the Solea Laser

When permanent molars begin to grow through gum tissue they sometimes come in slowly. If this occurs the gum tissue that covers the molar (operculum) can make it difficult to brush or eat. Because of this, cavities can more easily form on the permanent molars. If this tissue does not resolve on its own it can easily be removed with a dental laser. This will aid in hygiene, reduce discomfort, and allow access if a cavity does form.

Soft tissue abnormalities can also be removed easily with a dental laser. An example of this is a mucocele. These usually occur on the lips as a result of trauma. A mucocele forms typically when a saliva duct that has been ruptured does not heal correctly. The duct then swells with fluid. As a result, a “bubble” on the lips can form. A mucocele can resolve on its own but they often do not. A dental laser can be used to remove the mucocele quickly, easily, and safely without the need for sutures and with very little discomfort.

Dr. Jude also offers tongue tie treatment using the Solea Laser here at Rocklin Kids Dentist! To learn more about tongue ties and their treatment visit and as always if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, feel free to call the office at (916) 435-5230!

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